Can I develop my own games to work with Mira?

Yes! Developers can create sophisticated, multiplayer experiences that extend interactions beyond the screen, and then easily publish their work to a mass market reaching millions of mobile users.

As a developer, am I able to re-tool my assets for Mira?

Yes! Our software developer kit (SDK) is available for download and is powered by Unity 3D game machine making it easy for creators to re-tool existing assets for use on the Prism headset.

If I develop my own game for Mira, will users have to use the Prism headset?

Developers can create content that allows people with or without a Prism headset to participate in the same experience. Anyone with any iOS device (including iPads and iPhones) can download the Mira app, link with nearby Prism headsets, and view the user’s experience. We call this pass-through AR functionality "Spectator Mode." This functionality can be extended so non-headset participants can interact with their mobile phone screen.

Why should I develop apps for the Mira platform versus other AR platforms?

We offer a low-cost option for developers who want to begin building AR applications. Our SDK enables users to quickly start prototyping and creating apps. Developers will join a rich and large community whose mission is to enhance the way humans interact with technology.

Why should I develop apps for the Mira platform versus other VR platforms?

Unlike virtual reality, our augmented reality platform allows users to remain present in their real-world environment and interact with the digital objects.

When I develop an app or game for Mira, should it be its own standalone app or will it be integrated into Mira's app?

You may publish your application under any new or existing Apple Developer Account, and it will live on the iTunes App Store as a standalone download. We may choose to feature your application within the Mira Home app, and direct users to your app's App Store download page.

How can I feature my app in the Mira Home app?

We're always looking for new and exciting content from our developers! Feel free to drop us a message on Slack, or submit the showcase request form here.

Is Mira currently working with developers to make more games and experiences?

Yes, we are actively working with skilled developers and globally-recognized partners to launch compelling AR experiences for all.

Do you have Unreal Engine support?

As of now, our SDK is only based in Unity.

Will the Prism work with existing augmented reality apps?

Not out of the box – however, developers can add Mira compatibility to their existing apps.

Will the dev kit have access to consumer content?

The developer kits will have access to the consumer content as the content becomes available, however, developer kits may arrive before all content is published.

When will your product be available?

Our Prism headset is available for pre-order at!