As an organization Owner or Admin, you will have the ability to assign and manage the roles of each user enrolled within your organization. Each role has unique levels of access and functionality.

Basic Member

The basic member role is the role with the most basic level of permissions; it is also the default role given to any new user you invite for the first time. 

Basic members are generally able to use Mira's applications normally, but do not have access to the Admin Settings. 

Additionally, basic members will not be able to access or edit checklists via the Compliance Authoring Tool.


The admin role grants members of your organization access to the Admin Settings tab. This enables the ability to invite users to and deactivate users from your organization as well as edit and manage the permissions of all other members in your organization (except those with an Owner role).

Additionally, admin users will be able to access, edit, and save checklists in our Compliance app. However, admin users cannot publish checklists to be accessed live via the Mira headset.


The owner role grants members of your organization all of the same privileges of an admin as well as a few other privileges. 

First, only owners may edit other owners' role/permission level. 

Second, owners are the only type of users who have the ability to publish a checklist to be accessed live via the Mira headset.

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