Remote Expert is an augmented reality communication tool that enables realtime video conferencing between a user in a Mira headset and a supervisor, co-worker, or specialist on a computer or tablet.

Remote Expert is fully browser-based and doesn't require any application or plugin downloads when using a supported browser (Google Chrome). 

Launching Remote Expert

  1. Navigate to the Mira Suite Login on a supported browser (Google Chrome) on your desktop or laptop
  2. Enter the username and password provided by your organization's Admin to log into the web portal
  3. Using the App Launcher in the bottom left of the Dashboard, open Remote Expert

Navigating the Dashboard

Once launching Remote Expert, you will be taken into your Remote Expert Dashboard. There, you will see a list of contacts inputed by your Organization's Administrator

Use the Search function to search through accessible contacts from your organization

The Groups tab will display contacts by groups within your organization

The Recent tab will display the contacts with whom you have most recently communicated with

Click on the name of a user to see more information on the right panel.

Making a Call

You can both make and receive calls via the portal. Calls can be made to online users, which is denoted with a green circle and call button.

To make a call to a headset user, click on the blue phone icon to the right of a user's name within your Contacts list

Receiving a Call

When a call is coming in, you will see a notification pop-up on the top right of your browser window. 

To answer the call, click the green accept button

To learn about your first in-call session, continue here.

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