Require Photo Evidence on a Step

In some situations, it may be valuable to require headset users to take pictures as evidence of a step being completed properly, or to provide documentation of where an error occurred.

For example, a photo may be useful for records when asking users to take a specific measurement or report on the status of a particular machine.

To toggle this requirement, navigate to the Build tab within the right sidebar. Toggle Require Photo Attachment. The headset user will not be able to proceed to the next step without attaching a picture.

Provide Reference Images and Diagrams to the Headset User

In other situations, it may be valuable for checklist authors to attach photos or diagrams to a step in order to help the headset user get a better idea of their task.

For example, a reference image might be helpful when you want to clarify the exact part of a machine that needs inspection or provide a reference document for how a device should be properly set up. 

To attach a reference image, navigate to the Build tab within the right sidebar and click the + to upload an image. You may either browse for the file yourself, or drag-and-drop a file into the white Drop Files Here box.

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