Mira's Compliance application enables your team to create, manage, and use checklists in augmented reality. It consists of three parts: the Compliance Management System, the Compliance Authoring Tool, and the Compliance Headset Application. 

The Management System allows you to browse and view all of the checklists your organization has created, and provides admins with access to a log of all your organization's completed checklist sessions.

The Authoring Tool enables you to create your own custom checklists that are then piped into the smartglasses for use by your headset users. 

The Headset Application is where your headset users will access and use the checklists in augmented reality.

Launching Compliance

  1. Navigate to the Mira Suite Login on a supported browser (Google Chrome) on your desktop or laptop
  2. Enter the username and password provided by your organization's Admin to log into the web portal
  3. Using the App Launcher in the bottom left of the Dashboard, open Compliance

Compliance Navigation

The Navigation panel on the left side of the checklist enables you to sort through checklists and workflows based on their status. 

  • All Checklists shows all live, draft, and archived checklists
  • Live view shows all checklists that have been published and are currently visible to headset users
  • Drafts shows checklists that have not yet been published and are not visible to headset users
  • Archived shows checklists that have been filed away and are not currently accessible to headset users

When a headset user completes a checklist, a log will be automatically generated with data about their session

  • The Logs button enables users (with admin permissions) to review checklist sessions. There they may view whether logs were marked compliant or non-compliant, in addition to metadata and captured information from the headset user's session.

Checklist Statuses

Available checklists will have an indicator denoting its specific status: 

Editing a Checklist

To open a checklist, select a checklist from the list and click Open in the right panel.

To learn the basics of building a checklist, continue here.

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